Franchise Law

We counsel franchisees, distributors and dealers on both the legal and business aspects of their chosen business models.

We represent clients who are interested in entering or exiting their franchise relationship on their own terms. For individuals seeking to invest in a particular franchise opportunity, we will review the terms and conditions set forth in your franchise documents and provide advice and counsel regarding material provisions, including: financial obligations; the length/term of the agreement; choice of venue and choice of law with respect to disputes; renewal rights; territory exclusivity; requirements for remodeling or refurbishing the location; the goodwill associated with the franchisor’s trademarks; restrictions on transfer; and default/termination provisions.

For those franchisees looking to exit their franchise relationships, we are skilled and experienced in drafting and negotiating all of the legal documents required to effectuate the sale of your franchise investment.

We have represented operators in disputes against their franchisors and suppliers. Fryer, Shuster & Lester, P.C. is well versed at handling matters involving wrongful termination; failure to renew; fraud; misappropriation of advertising funds; territory exclusivity; unfair corporate policies; undisclosed/accidental franchises; violations of franchise regulations; and other unfair or deceptive practices.

Whether you are in the fitness industry, a bar owner, or you own a chain of successful restaurants, Fryer, Shuster & Lester, P.C. can help you expand your successful business through franchising, distribution and licensing.

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