Personal Injury

Personal injury law covers any instance of non-criminal physical or emotional injury inflicted on another by cause of a negligent party. The negligent party may be an individual such as a property owner, property manager, driver, medical practitioner, etc.; but it may also be a group, entity, business, hospital or other organization. If you have sustained injuries after a car accident, accident involving big rig trucks or are seeking workers’ compensation after suffering pain or injury from a work-related accident or activity, contact a lawyer at Fryer, Shuster & Lester, P.C.. We have helped clients in the Atlanta area get compensation for their pain and suffering. Personal one on one attention is the primary concern at our Firm and an attorney works aggressively to get results for you.

The effects of a personal injury can impact your life long after the accident. The devastating loss of a loved one can also widely affect you and your family negatively. Besides the pain and suffering, after a personal injury there can be mountains of medical bills, loss of wages now and in the future and more. At Fryer, Shuster & Lester, P.C., we understand the seriousness of the situation you find yourself in and we build a strong case to show that compensation is the only choice the jury should make. The sooner you contact an attorney the better to make sure you don’t lose the opportunity to file a claim due to the statute of limitations for filing.

Whether in regard to negligently caused death claims or injury claims, we have the experience and knowledge to get results. You’ve gone through enough. Make sure you get responsibility properly assigned to a negligent party and get the compensation you deserve!

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